Monday, 26 August 2013

Better Out Than In

"Better Out Than In" by Colleen Rose

What is it about mental illness that makes us shudder?  Why is it socially unacceptable to talk about depression, anxiety, mood swings and other disorders?  

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Students need opportunities to tackle delicate and sensitive matters.  They shouldn't feel they should hide their fears, with little to no help from those around them.

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What would happen if we addressed these concerns head-on?  What if our classrooms could provide a chance for students to express their thoughts and feelings about mental health?  

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Wouldn't students find a bit more relevance in our schools if we dealt with some of the more troubling issues that affect them daily?  If we avoid these issues, how are we helping them learn about their world?  How are we helping them cope?

I created the artwork above because no one is immune to mental strife.  I have experienced both anxiety and depression, as have many of my family members and friends.  One of the best forms of therapy is having the ability to talk to someone who is willing to listen; to provide another perspective.  Since a picture can be worth a thousand words, sometimes art can be the best therapy...  especially when words are hard to express.

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